Songs From the Fridge

by James Jewell

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2.Far Away Across the Sea
3.Grandmother’s Garden
5.The Ant and Superman
7.You’re Nice
9.Hello Beautiful
10.People That We Travel With
12.Another Day

Produced by James and Kara Jewell
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steven Forward
Recorded at Human Studios in Les Frigos in Paris

Songs from the Fridge is great. I listened to the whole record twice and it sounds awesome pre-mastered and all. James has such a great unique thing going on and it keeps getting better. Bits of Polecat and Prine, but the main thing is how he uses his voice; it's pure and wildly unpredictable. Great recordings.
- Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner

Songs from the Fridge was recorded at Human Studios in an artist squat called Les Frigos (the Fridge) in Paris. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Steven Forward. Forward has engineered records for Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Gary Numan, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Squeeze, John Watts and more. It’s a simple and pure solo record with Paul Niehaus on pedal steel guitar (Iron and Wine, Calexico and Lambchop), Caroline Glory on cello (winner of the 1st Prize Cello Soloist - City of Paris) and others.

Les Frigos was a refrigerated railway depot built in 1921 in Paris 13th arrondissement, The Fridges were abandoned in 1971 and became artist squats in 1980. All songs written and preformed by James H Jewell copyright 2017 ©James H Jewell, 2017, all rights reserved / all titles copyright control

For Kara


released December 11, 2017

Heidi Faust, Vocals on Knucklehead (Worms/Chic Peas)

Simon Cloquet-Lafolly, Piano on Nina (Human Studios)

David Harborfield, Bass Guitar on Plane

Caroline Glory, Cello on Grandmother’s Garden (l’Orchestre de Paris et Violoncelle Solo à l’Opéra-Comique de Paris )

Dana Thompson, Vocals on The Ant and Superman (Washington's Teeth)

Paul Niehaus, Pedal Steel Guitar on The Ant and Superman

Joel Henry, Banjo on Your Nice
(recorded at Amoeba Audio, thanks Bruce Siekman)


all rights reserved



James Jewell Paris, France

It all started with a call from Hollywood and it has no end. It is just like all things. Alabama Chrome is a story. It's long, beautiful, and strange story. A man blown around by events that are out of his control and beyond all understanding.

Lives collide.
People live and die.
Dogs give guidance.
Belly dancers keep watch and very little music is created.
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Track Name: Knucklehead

Once I knew a boy named Knucklehead
He had a leaky roof and a lumpy bed
When Knucklehead grew into a man
He bought himself a sofa and a ceiling fan

Knucklehead was a liberated man
He loved his sofa and his ceiling fan
He said I like to live but life is hard
I love the swing set in your backyard

Knucklehead moved from town to town
Used his legs for to get around
Said why waste gas when there’s time to burn
I learned what I can and canned what I learn

Knucklehead went to the city of love
Got a little pushed and he gave a little shove
When it was time to leave he said it’s just as well
They wouldn’t let me ring the Liberty Bell

Knucklehead found a question mark
He asked is that a politician or a great white shark
If he gives me a cigar, I’ll give him fire
Are you the news reporter or just a good liar

Knucklehead said there’s a lotta folk dying
Loved ones sitting by the bed side crying
He said life is short and the body fragile
Just yesterday I was young and agile

Knucklehead said I can’t wait to see
The good Lord coming through the clouds for me
On that day, I’ll hear God’s voice
Now I lay awake and wonder if I made the right choice
Track Name: Far Away Across The Sea
Far Away Across the Sea

You and me crossed an ocean
All the way to a city of light
But in this world of trouble
Sometimes heaven just doesn’t seem right

When I go out in this city
So many faces are so long
And then I get discouraged
Thinking everything has gone wrong

Oh but you, oh but you, but you
You are here
When your job dosn't take you elsewhere
And it's you for me
Far away across the sea
You are here
When your job doesn't take you elsewhere
And it’s you for me, far away, all the way
Across the sea

I go out to that fancy big street
Looking at the new fashion trends
That just makes me homesick
Missing all my back home friends

So I climb up to the high cathedral
And pray underneath the dome
But then I say goodbye Jesus
Because I know soon you’d be getting home

Because you, because you, because you
You are here
When your job doesn’t take you elsewhere
It's you and me, far away across the sea
You are here
When your job doesn't take you elsewhere
And it’s you and me, far away, all the way
Across the sea
Track Name: Plane
There once was a man
Who was flying his plane
He had smoked his last cigarette
And he was drinking champagne
He couldn’t figure it out
He didn’t know what was wrong
And with a straight look across the front of his face
He went flying along

Then he picked up a book
And he flipped through the pages
It had been quite a while
Since he had looked at his gauges
And he didn’t know much
But he thought he was right
He was joining the spirts
and the stars in the heavens
As he flew into the night

And he flew into the night
And he flew through the sky
And the stars filled his sight
And he was ready to die
And he couldn’t feel young
And he didn’t feel old
And the wind stung the wings of his plane
And his cockpit grew cold

And we were down on the ground
And he was up in the sky
And he looked like a shooting star
When we saw him go by
And we had one another
And he was up there alone
And the wind stung the cheeks of our face
And where he flew was unknown

But he flew into the night
And he flew through the sky
And the stars filled his sight
And he was ready to die
And he didn’t know much
But he thought he was right
He was joining the spirits
And the stars in the heavens
As he flew into the night
Track Name: the Ant and Superman
The Ant and Superman

An ant is a beautiful creature
I saw one on a westbound train
His luggage filled a freight car
It had to be loaded with a crane

He had suit of black shining armor
And his antenna reached to the sky
And when he pulled out of the station
The crowd let out a cry

Anything’s possible
Just don’t set your sights too high
Anything’s possible
Pull back your arrows and let ‘em fly

Superman was a philosophy teacher
He could bend all the big ideas
He fell in love with a front row freshman
By the name of Sofia
The dean called him into his office
And banged him upon his head
But that did not hurt Superman
This is all he said

Anything’s possible
Just don’t set your sights too high
Anything’s possible
Pull back your arrows and let ‘em fly
Track Name: Flower

I was a flower
And I was eating elementary school lunch
It was my first memory
Don’t dip your bread in the sauce

I was a flower
But the principal was walking around
He wouldn’t let us get a glimpse of the stars
This is a classroom not a playground anyway

I was a flower
And I didn’t have a thought I could think
I didn’t have any reasons to blink
I didn’t have any eyes
I was a flower
Track Name: Another Day
Another Day

It's another day
And there's some coffee in the kitchen
And the cat is at the door
And the sun is making geometric shapes upon the floor
It’s another day

It's another day
And I'm gonna ask the sky
which way I should go
Exploring with my mama
on this planet here below
It’s another day

It’s another day
Like a landscape painting
It’s another day
Built for the meek and the mild
It’s another day
And your one good God’s creation
It’s another day
But we keep stumbling, fumbling
Crumbling and tumbling
Like a little child

It's another day
So better watch what you are saying
And don't decide too fast
Because tomorrow is another day
And it looks
Yeah it looks
Like we just might last
Track Name: Nina

Nina plays Ave Maria
Nina plays Ave Maria
And makes a little mistake
She makes a little mistake
Track Name: You’re Nice
You’re Nice

You’re nice and you’re nice
Chocolate curly hair
I wish I was a pair
Of gloves that you could wear
‘Cause you’re nice

And you’re sweet and you’re sweet
Like molasses and like cane
Poured into my open brain
Stuck there you will remain
Because you’re sweet

And you’re fine and you’re fine
And if you will be mine
Today and for all time
I’ll be a window you can shine
Through me

But you’re mad and you’re mad
As a hatter to be with me
So please join me for a cup of tea
Join me for a cup of tea
Around four
Around forever
Track Name: Grandmother’s Garden
Grandmother’s Garden

When things are cool
And I’ve got some time
I go to a place that I know will be fine
The air’s filled with salt
And nothing is hard
It’s down in north harbor
In my grandmother’s backyard

Me and the German
We plant for her there
She yells through the screen door
What to plant and where
She says don’t plant ’em too close boys
They really grow quick
And in a few weeks time
They’ll be some roses to pick

In the garden is a beautiful place
When spring has sprung
I plant two lips on its face
It’s five miles from the mainland
But only one block from the sea
You know that that garden
Is much older then me

So I guess I’ll go down there now
And I’ll take the time
I gotta stop working
And come off the dime
I charge for construction
and that’s the way it’s always gonna be
My grandma’s begonias
I plant them for free


Now you know that the garden
It dies once a year
But I know that my grandma
Will always be there
Track Name: Spider

There’s a spider sitting on my window ledge
But the wind blows that spider off of the edge

The spider throws a rope up just in time
Now the spider’s hanging on by a thin, thin line

There’s spider hanging on off my window ledge
But the wind blows the spider line from the edge

Spider goes flying out in the air
Now I can’t find the spider now anywhere

Spider, spider I’m gonna tell you true
Spider, spider I’m just like you

Spider, spider I’m gonna tell you right
I’m hanging on a thin, thin line tonight

Spider, spider can you tell me this
Did the mighty wind blow you to eternal bliss

Spider, spider can you tell me true
Where does the wind blow us when our time is due
Track Name: People that We Travel With
People that We Travel With

Yesterday I was in Rome
Sleeping on a wooden floor
There where action figures everywhere
And doormen at the doors
The Upper West Side had not changed
It was still the same old scene
But but my friends down in the seaport
They were still living in between

In between the mighty buildings
That came crashing to the ground
In between people that they travel with
When they were riding town to town

Back home when we was pirates
Full of love and full of trust
Riding our junk cars around
As they slowly turned to rust
I can't remember changes
To the facts or to the dream
But I guess then, just like now
We were still living in between

So you people on the highways,
Airports, buses and the trains
Don't forget the things we lost
And keep hope for things to gain
And if you find that time
Has somehow washed you clean
Then reach out to the one
Who is still living in between
Track Name: Hello

Hello beautiful, goodbye blues
Let’s spend some time searching for something to lose
Goodbye rainy day, hello sun
Thank goodness that yesterday’s dead
Life has begun

Hello beautiful, goodbye blues
With our heads in the sand we can turn off the news
Goodbye rainy day, hello sun
Let’s pretend that the bills have been paid
The work has been done

Hello beautiful, goodbye blues
You take your clothes off and I’ll hit the snooze
Goodbye rainy day, hello sun
Thank goodness that yesterday’s gone and life has begun

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